with [arrow keys] we navigate through the palace walls

we use [x] to close our eyes or rummage through our belongings

on most keyboards the [o] button translates to [c]

 we use it to release ...

  to surrender our current search and start anew.

our choices lead us down intersecting paths

 visible and invisible.

we got stuck in these deserted palace gardens

 again and again.

by trusting [o] 

 our journey might take on a different path next time.

sometimes our mind went so unstable even [o] ceased to work.

 we restarted from the side menu or refreshed the page.

to get a glimpse of the secret of the nameless palace

  we will need to surrender

   again and again.

two paths lead to closure:

one the first path we broke free from the palace confinements - or so we thought: we only got lost in the desert. 

the second we can only imagine ...

Part of Rundgang Kunsthochschule Kassel 2020


and the Games Class Exhibition "404 Rundgang not found"


and the New Media Exhibition


Development log


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Interesting Game. Very Cool. I got a "game over," I'm guessing that's the "you win" screen, right?

Yes that's the ending! How long did it take you/how many tries did you need? If you got to the ending you saw the majority of the map except maybe a room here and there and some areas on the left side. Let me know if you have any more feedback!

i recognize this stile from ludum dare 46...did you enter that?

no i didn't participate, do you remember the game? i guess you can only do so much with 8x8 px sprites :D

i don't remember the game, but it had a VERY similar style!