v1.11(30. June 20) 

  • added some additional secret saving stuff

v1.1(29. June 20) - save! (might be an unstable build)

  • finally implemented a saving!! aside from not repeating some intro texts, there are only two save functions right now: a certain flower and whenever you surrender, you leave an afterimage.
  • some changes to shorten the code.
  • beating heart sound which leads you down a certain path.

v1.0(25. June 20) - release

massive changes!!!

  • remade controls/ restarting
  • changes to nearly every room, tons of new doors and connections.
  • updated the "UI", the visuals of signs and chests
  • two new endings, one of them a "secret" ending that is also the "real" ending and very hard to get. with an astronomically low chance you can find it by accident, otherwise you need to put together a lot of puzzle pieces scattered throughout the game.
  • biggest update: implemented different "paths" which all intersect and greatly influence every aspect of the game.  there are currently 4 major paths: greed, destruction, corruption, restlessness
  • overhauled the sound, e.g. there are 6+ different sounds for footsteps
  • added critters

v0.4(17. June 20) - losing / desert changes:

I wanted to keep working on a new version but here is an early update

  • remake of "losing" with new lines, now you can keep playing but the game will increasingly glitch out until you restart.
  • the desert area is now "endless" and requires careful navigation
  • 1 new room
  • randomized keys and starting points
  • added 1 secret event

The next update will overhaul the entire game and the gameplay and the world will change massively according to your decisions and playstyle.

v0.3 (10. June 20) - story overhaul:

  • remakes/additions of 60+ texts

->because of the original gamejam theme "trust no one" many texts were funny/meme-y. Working further on the game I wanted to leave the constraints of the jam. Like the sprites I wanted the texts to be more coherent and form an overarching plot. The later texts also show the thoughts of the main character.

v0.2.1  (9. June 20):

  • remakes of all flower, trap, hidden door, keys and chest  sprites

v0.2 (8. June 20):

  • remakes of all player and human sprites
  • remakes of many sprites like keys and signs
  • added three particle effects: sand trail, smoke and noise
  • new flower interaction 
  • more than a dozen completely new sprites, e.g. water lilies and blood rocks
  • adjustments to every room
  • complete sound and music overhaul
  • complete remakes of 6+ rooms

v0.1 (1. June 20)



game jams themes: "trust no one" and "opposites"

This is my first PICO-8 project and I learned a lot by looking at other peoples cartridges. 

So I'd like to thank

- Dylan Bennett

- Sophie Houlden

- eevee

- Jusiv

- OldPeculier

- Gruber and Robby Duguay for three songs!

and many more.

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