Play as a cute kitten with the power to glitch in this unique and bizarre roguelike.

left and right arrow keys: walk

down arrow key: move through platforms

up arrow key: jump

c: big jump (spents one jump point, amount is shown on the screen on the top right)

x: be invincible and destroy everything around you. The destroyed tiles stay permanently glitched and won't be replaced in future rounds! (you might use this ability as long and as often as you like)

Collect food to gain score. You also gain one jump point by collecting food or advancing a round.

At first the only way to lose is to fall into the ice sea. You start the game with two extra lives and when you'd lose you release a glitchy explosion that destroys all tiles in a large radius.

Go to the right to advance a round.

Each round a permanent modifier gets applied which might change the game drastically. It might also grant you additional score.

If you touch a question mark a temporary modifier gets applied and you will get teleported back to the beginning of the round. They stack indefinitely so be cautious as some of these changes can be rewarding but very risky as well!

Updated 14 days ago
Made withPICO-8
Tags2D, cats, PICO-8, Pixel Art, Procedural Generation, Roguelike, Roguelite

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Quite an interesting idea, and a well made game considering you used Pico-8 :) I found interesting how now you can get invulnerable but glitch everything around the character permanently, it is a very curious trade off, like using the limited but higher jump. 

 Really liked the animation on the sea at the bottom too, it really seems more intimidating now.

 I would suggest changing the game's thumbnail, since it makes the game look kinda sloppy in my opinion. A gif where some frames are glitched would be an interesting thumbnail! Also, I felt that the character was a bit too heavy, making the platforming kinda hard. Maybe that was intended though.


Hey, thanks for your feedback - I already changed the thumbnail to match your suggestion! As for the platforming, I'm not 100% confident either, I already worked on making the movement more responsive, next I'll work on the jump. 

“Cute” and fun game !