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                                                                                                       (       release         to move on     )

                                     made by           Jonas Rühl

                         music:               The Tower of Light - Decision

This game was submitted to the Quarantine Jam (May 2020) with the theme pack.


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I think this is a really cool, really interesting idea! really nice music and art style as well. 

I just wish there was more to do. I get you're going for something minimalist, and I don't mind that, but there isn't enough to keep me engaged. 

I wish I could interact more with the other dogs (I think? Correct me if I''m wrong :P). Being able to jump with them, howl, sniff them. I wish they'd react more to when I move or perform some action next to them. Also would like that's clearer as why they sometimes follow me, and when. Right now, it just feels random which ones do, and which ones don't and I don't feel I can do much to change that. Give me more feedback as a player. 

Would be cool if the environment didn't feel so empty. I think you can some more stuff while still keeping it minimal. Like one tree, or flower that you see as you go along. You can howl at them, move around them, tiny interactions happen but not much. 

Overall, a really creative take on the theme. Hope to see you in more game jams! :D

This Is Awesome well done!

a good way to lose yourself.

Gorgeous game! It all feels ethereal and dark!